Rest in Vinnitsa region in Ukraine

Rest in Vinnitsa region is interesting and varied. Despite the fact that in the region there is no sea or high mountains, every tourist will find for themselves a corner for a perfect holiday. Our region can offer tourists a variety of leisure activities in different seasons. Activities can be either active or passive.

Rest in Vinnitsa region

Rest in Vinnitsa’s region for active pastime fans will be extremely interesting. The territory of our area is rich in forests, lakes, and picturesque beaches, where tourists like to stay in tents.

A new form of recreation, not very common in our area, is a green tourism. Residents of cities have already forgotten how nice it is not to breathe in deeply the exhaust gases that come with sleeping areas on the slopes, and the real fresh air, the smell of cut grass and river water. We invite you to rest in the Vinnitsa’s region. Three villages are named "Family nest", welcome new visitors.

Rest in Vinnitsa’s region

We offer you a break in Ukrainian village houses, learn Ukrainian national crafts and just to find peace of mind. For our guests, we prepare the traditional Ukrainian food from fruit and vegetable from the garden, rustic meat chickens, pigs and cows, fresh milk and more.

For those who like to relax with a fishing rod, we offer fishing tackle and pristine waters, rich in various kinds of fish. Hunters will also be interested in the villages due to the proximity of forests, suitable for hunting. Rest in Vinnitsa’s region can be not only useful but also interesting. Our area is rich in historical monuments and interesting natural objects. At your request, we can organize a sightseeing trip to interesting places. For reservations, please contact the phone numbers listed on the site.