St. Nicolas day in Ukraine

This holiday is celebrated annually on 19 of December. It is one of the most beloved children's holidays. Its significance is quite large, with this connected with a huge number of temples, named after this saint.

St. Nicholas was the patron saint of farmers, sailors, fishermen, traders, sick, poor and children. The peasants prayed to him so that the Saint would protect them from dangers.

The traditions of this holiday are borrowed from other countries. Germany first began to celebrate the day of Nicholas (December 6). Students of church schools on that day were treated to sweets. After a while, the holiday passed from schools to each house. Obedient children waited for gifts and disobedient one’s birches.

Ukrainian children waited for the arrival of Nicholas on the night of 18 to 19 December. In different regions the place of the gift is different. In Western Ukraine, children find gifts in shoes, and in the east under the pillow.

St. Nicholas, according to popular beliefs, cooks all night for children. He bakes a star biscuit that looks like him.

Now in each family of our country, the child receives a gift for the St. Nicholas Day. In addition, the traditions of this holiday are honored in every school and kindergarten. Children receive as gifts not only sweets but other pleasant souvenirs and gifts.

Young people also love this holiday. From this moment the youth of Ukraine in the old days began to prepare for matchmaking and vespers. Girls were preparing a dowry for weddings, sewing clothes and preparing props for mass festivities.

The nights on St. Nicholas are attributed to magical properties. If a person makes a wish this night, it will come true.