Fundamentals of traditional medicine in Ukraine

The traditional medicine hasn’t recently appeared. In the old days only rich people could go to a doctor. It is well known that rich people aren’t the major part of population. How did other people take the course of treatment? The first mentions about the traditional medicine we can find in the documents of the ancient Rus, the memoirs of ambassadors, of merchants, of missionaries. “Herbalists” were the first collections of folk medicine with the description of the medicinal properties of herbs growing on the territory of Ukraine. Every disease has its own name.

A folk doctor treated not only by herbs, but healed the person by charms and priers. This tradition was kept from the paganism. Nowadays a lot of scientists pay attention to the words. As we know, one may be healed by words, one may be killed by words. The first popular psychotherapists appeared in Ukraine.

The decoctions of medicinal herbs are widely used in the treatment. The decoctions were cooked on the base of water, of milk, of vinegar, of alcohol, of wine, of honey, of whey. A modern person can have a skeptical attitude to the recipes of the folk medicine.

Nowadays we can find a great amount of remedies at the chemists, the scientists invent new remedies. It’s worth to say that the modern doctors are interested in the ancient recipes. We can find many useful things for our organism in the decoctions made from the ecologically safe herbs.

Nowadays the Ukrainian people use the help of popular healers in the treatment. The diagnostic can’t always find the cause of disease. There is only one way it’s to use the folk medicine. Especially for our clients, the specialists work in the field of the folk medicine. Our specialists will hold for you the workshops on the treatment of the simplest diseases and on the preparing of healing and healthy, restorative decoctions

We wish you good health! We are waiting for you on the lessons of folk medicine.