Agrotourism in Ukraine

Sunny summer, warm weather, an excellent mod but something is missing. And of course it is a good vacation where you can forget about all your troubles. One should dive in the atmosphere of peace and calmness. What do one need for this? Not much, only your time and desire. Thus, stop wasting your precious time and set forward to an exciting vacation.

“Family Nest” invites everyone to visit its picturesque estates

агротуризм в Украине

Have you ever heard the term “green” or agrotourism? According to a famous proverb: Seeing is believing! First of all agrotourism is a unique opportunity to combine traveling and rest in the most spectacular corners of our country. There is no mess, no noise, no city dust etc. There is only you and the nature. Lately, green tourism is becoming more and more popular and it is no wonder that more and more people are becoming interested in it. Not all of us are equally interested in vacation on sunny beaches or abroad. Many people prefer to stay within their country. European definition for this kind of tourism is the following: Agrotourism is an expansion of ecological tourism in order to encourage visitors from all over the country to experience life in rural areas at first hand.

This kind of tourism is a sufficient support for small rural communities while it brings economic support and development. What do I need to do and where to go you will ask. The answer is rather simple – it is all up to you. Listen to your heart and follow your desires. If you are ready to experience the real rural life and you want to become a part of agricultural sphere - just pack some necessary things and hit the road. You will work alongside with the farmers in exchange for living and eating.

украина, туризм

Emphasizing the agrotourism one should understand that it is rather specific option for spending your vacation. You will work but you will work in a different way – physical labor. Some people find it very helpful especially while having depression. Several days of work – you are totally different person.

Agrotourism in Ukraine is closer to the definition green tourism when tourists are visiting picturesque places in the countryside. Nowadays there is a great variety of recreational caps around the country that offer a wide range of services and comfortable accommodation. You may go fishing, hunting swimming and simply have fun. The most suitable regions for this kind of tourism in Ukraine are central and western regions. The nature is extremely generous there and the air is fresh.

“Family Nest” is a network of estates that are situated in the most picturesque corners of Vinnitsa region

Ukrainian traditions are flawlessly combined with modern comfort. If you are looking for some spectacular places where you have a quiet and active rest at the same time we are waiting for you at any time of year. Holidays, vacation and other kind of party you may bring at us!

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