Leisure base with the swimming pool in Ukraine

Summer rest can be described as a good mood, refreshment and plenty of positive emotions and impressions.

Each of us has its own ideas about vacation. Some people like sightseeing, the others prefer to stay in resorts of Greece, Italy etc. And some just go to the rural areas, where you can enjoy the eternal beauty and calmness.

база отдыха с басссейном

The network of estates “Family nest” invites you to visit comfortable country leisure base with the swimming pool, which are situated in three villages of Vinnitsa region. Village Garmaki, village Kanava, village Gubnik.

Each base has its own spirit, but the thing is, no matter where you go, you will fill the complete confluence with environment. The sweet silence, the bird’s singing and incredibly fresh air that charges each and every part of your body with new, positive emotions. Everyone can find place for itself. Comfortable conditions, pleasant service and the most favorable prices.

The network of estates “Family Nest” provides full range of services. Leisure base with the swimming pool in two villages is a wonderful place to spend your summer weekend in. Dive into the pleasant freshness. Village Kanava is a place for those, who seek an absolute solitude and quietness. You may go fishing in the South Bug, or you can get to know Ukrainian traditions and history better. The hostess will treat you with the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

отдых на базе отдыха с бассенйом

Village Garmaki also propose the set of services starting with all possible activities till complete relaxation

It is a spectacular corner of the country’s central region where you can dive into the atmosphere of thriving Ukrainian culture.

Amid the everyday’s excitement you will find a small and lovely piece of land where time stops. Those who prefer green tourism will find the ultimate comfortable lifestyle destination. Our recreation bases reflect an ancient and contemporary spirit at the same time. While traditions remain such as an incredible cuisine and fascinating art, our offerings include stylish interior and the immense feeling of tranquility. We invite you to visit our exotic foliage.

Visit us and rediscover the network of estates “Family Nest”