Green rural tourism in Ukraine

Green rural tourism has appeared in Europe earlier than in Ukraine. It is a new and unusual form of resting in Ukraine, but it is developing now.

In the wide sense green rural tourism means rest in the private farmsteads. Farmsteads may make you surprised by interesting and different activities and touristic objects.

If you’d like to rest in the village, you will have a lot of possibilities of different resting, except relaxing settings and delicious national dishes, such as walks in the forests, picking berries, fishing, swimming in the cleanest water.

Green rural tourism in Ukraine

European tourism usually practices living in the private farmsteads, taking a part in the villager’s work, such as harvesting, looking after cattle, etc.

Our tourists don’t ready for changes of usual form of the resting. We propose a lot of excursion programs for tourists, which may take a small period. Excursions let them try rural way of the life and feel all its amenities.

Happily, there are a lot interesting places on the map of Ukraine. Even the most exacting tourist will be surprised by the new interesting nice places.

Green rural tourism in Ukraine

You can admire amazing birds, enjoy their singing, walking through steep forest roads, taste delicious fresh dishes or make picnic on the open air.

You will get a chance of being in solitude with nature; enjoy its unstinting generosity and hospitality. This trip will be memorable and you will be sure, that green tourism is the best rest for you and your family. You won’t be indifferent to alive world after being alone with nature! One, who has been a member of green rural tourism, will be its admire forever!