Easter in Ukraine

Easter (Great Day) is one of the most important holidays. The historical events of the twentieth century could not erase this holiday from the memory of the people. Even in those years when church holidays were banned, the people celebrated Easter and passed on traditions to the next generations.

By Easter, prepare with special diligence. The most important dishes on the festive table are krashenky and Easter cake. Pysankies are also present on the festive table. Before Easter, the craftsmen paint chicken eggs with national ornaments. There is a special technique for painting. The pattern is scratched by a sharp instrument on the egg.

Easter eggs are made of wood. Such wooden eggs are popular before Easter. The basic ornaments of Easter eggs include drawings on plant themes, images of trees, rivers, birds, houses. On pysanka, you can see images of the sun, a rooster or a hen.

Krashanka an egg colored in one color, without ornament. Such an egg symbolizes the rebirth of life. Eggs are painted with natural and artificial colors. In the water, in which eggs are boiled, you can add onion husk. Then they will turn a yellow-brown color. You can use food colors.

At Easter, the table is decorated with Easter cakes. People believe that baked cakes according to the rules are not stale and it splashes. It can dry out over time. Then it is used as a charm. In addition to the cake, they prepare different muffins (rolls, cheesecakes, pies).

Easter fast ends at Easter. Therefore, on the Easter table, you can see an abundance of meat dishes: sausage, cold meat, cold boiled pork, chops, cutlets, etc. On the table is fresh meat products. According to the folk tradition, Easter dishes should be prepared in a good mood. In each dish, the hostess invests a part of herself, and they acquire a special Easter taste.

On the night of Easter people do not sleep. In the evening the people gather in the church at the Vigil. In the baskets, they carry a variety of food but do not carry alcohol. The priest in a solemn atmosphere blesses the contents of the baskets.

After the church service, the girls washed with water, in which lay the sacred Easter eggs. It was believed that after this girl will be just as beautiful. On Easter, children played cue ball. Children take Easter eggs and hit the other with all their might. If the egg is broken, the player lost.

On Easter, Christians greet each other in the streets with the words "Christ has Risen!" This phrase is answered: "Truly, He has risen!" Easter continues to be celebrated throughout the following week.

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