International Workers Day in Ukraine

International Workers’ Day has remained in our calendar since the times of the Soviet Union. In Ukraine, on May 1 and 2, public holidays are held.

This holiday was founded on May 1, 1889, in memory of the bloody strike of workers in the US in 1886. The basic requirements of the workers were an 8-hour working day instead of a 15-hour day. It was decided to celebrate this holiday with mass demonstrations.

In the Soviet Union, this holiday was accompanied by demonstrations of workers, the popularization of workers' specialties, ideological agitation. Now, this holiday has lost its significance and color. It is rather regarded as a time for picnics and work in their own gardens.

On these days people try to get out on nature take a break from everyday work, fry shish kebabs and enjoy the spring. If you want to hold a traditional "spring" in nature, please contact us!

Our specialists will help you to choose a place for a picnic for you, your family or team. In well-maintained places for picnics, you can comfortably relax and not harm nature. You do not need to carry anything from home, carry heavy bags with food, skewers and other attributes of a May picnic.

If you ever have a picnic with convenience, you will want to have a rest on a regular basis in the village!