The New Year in Ukraine

The celebration of the New Year in Ukraine is secular since this holiday is not tied to the religious calendar. This holiday is celebrated at the level of the state, in towns and villages, in the family circle and in the work collective.

In Europe, this holiday was celebrated on January 1, and in Ukraine, it was not at all. The main holiday of the winter was Christmas. In 1699, the decree of the Russian King Peter I introduced a new holiday for the citizens of Ukraine the New Year. The chronology began in January, but the holiday did not recognize the population of our country for a long time.

In 1582 the Pope introduced a new system of chronology instead of the old style. On the territory of our country, a new calendar was introduced only in 1918. All the holidays have changed their dates. Christmas began to celebrate on January 7, Epiphany January 19. But the New Year came out much more interesting. Nowadays in Ukraine, it is celebrated twice the New Year (December 31) and the Old New Year (January 14) in memory of the old style.

The celebration of the New Year in Ukraine differs little from the celebration of this day in the world. In all cities, the main square is decorated with Christmas trees. Ukrainians to buy alive or artificial firtrees for the house.

This holiday is especially joyful for children, as during two weeks from New Year to the Old New Year there are children's entertainment events. Besides, the main intrigue of the New Year is the gifts from Santa Claus. The guys are looking forward to New Year's Eve when you can find a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree.

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