Shrovetide in Ukraine

Shrovetide is a traditional holiday for Slavic countries, which came from pagan times. Many people associate this holiday with pancakes. But not only pancakes it is interesting. The pagans celebrated the departure of winter and the meeting of spring. This holiday coincided with the last week before the Great Lent. This holiday united Christian and pagan traditions. People believed that before a great post you need to spend time cheerfully. Pancake week can be called a women's holiday, so all the celebrations were mostly arranged by women. They had the opportunity to relax from work. Each of the 7 days before the fast had its own traditions and rituals.

Monday. All the women went to the inn and started the Shrovetide festival. If a man appeared in the women's company, he was hung around his neck with a shoe. To be removed, he had to pay off.

Tuesday. The celebration again begins in the inn and continues on the street, where mass festivities take place.

Wednesday. On this day, there was no entertainment.

Thursday. On that day, women could not be spun and sewed. They gathered at the table and raised their glasses.

Friday. On this day, the son-in-law treats the mother-in-law, rolls it through the streets of the village or city. If the mother-in-law has a good character, she is taken on a flat road, if bad - on a rough road.

On Saturday, nothing special happens too. The greatest fun and celebration takes place on a Sunday. On this day Ukrainians eat varenyky with cottage cheese. Mass walks and games are held on the streets. On this day, they ask forgiveness from all relatives, friends, neighbors. On Sunday before the fast, it is forbidden to drink vodka.

In our time, people have moved away from popular traditions. The place of traditions in life was occupied by work, modern entertainment. If you do not keep the traditions now, then no one will remember what and how our ancestors celebrated.

The firm "MED" is trying to maintain folk traditions, popularizes folk rites. In 2010, mass folk celebrations of the Shrovetide festival were held in the village of Kanava. During the time of celebration, all folk customs were observed. You could see Ukrainian musicians in national dress, traditional Ukrainian entertainment. Participants of the holiday enjoyed Ukrainian songs, tasty Ukrainian cuisine and fun entertainments (sledding from the mountain, tug-of-war, dancing).

If you are interested in the traditions of the Ukrainian people, you want to celebrate holidays with national color cheerfully, come to us for the holidays!