Ukrainian borsch

For the people of Slavic countries, the word “borsch” is a traditional dish. It is cooked in different ways in each family. But for tourists the word “borsch” is mysterious. What is it this mysterious dish? Borsch is a traditional for Slavic countries soup made with beet. It gives for the dish a red colour. Some countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine contend for the right to call borsch its national dish until now. The historians affirm that the documentary mentioning of this dish appeared in the ancient Rome. Every nation has its recipes of borsch which differ in a list of ingredients.

Ukrainian people consider that borsch is their national dish. The first mentions about its cooking are dated by XIV-XV centuries. This dish accompanied the holidays and the weekdays of Ukrainian peasants. The first borsch was cooked by Cossacks during the taken of the Azovska fortress. There was the lack of foodstuffs, that’s why they cooked them together. In the result a tasty and rich dish was obtained.

Depending on the country, borsch is cooked on the base of a meat, a chicken, a fish or a mushroom broth. For vegetarians it is cooked on the vegetables broth. But beet is always present in every variant. Nowadays it cooks near 80 kinds of borsch in our country. The recipe of borsch may include beet, potatoes, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, haricots, mushrooms, kvass, apples (near 20 ingredients). Traditionally, Ukrainian people cook borsch on the flavouring with adding of meat and garlic. During the fast, borsch is cooked without meat or lard.

Traditionally, borsch is served with cream and little dumplings with garlic called halushky.

Rural tourism gives you the opportunity to join the traditions and the culture of Ukrainian people, to feel the hospitability of people. During the rest you can taste the national dishes, which recipes came to us through centuries.

Our guests can taste borsch cooked from the ecologically safe foodstuffs, grown on our land. Our specialists will hold for you the workshops on the cooking of borsch which will leave the lasting impressions on you. For the persons interested in the home-cooked borsch we prepare some recipes of cooking this national dish.