Baking bread in Ukraine

The baking of home-cooked bread is one of the most important Ukrainian traditions. The real bread with a pleasant smell is baked only in the stove. The process excludes the participation of any joint technology. That’s why the rural bread is considered to be the tastiest and the most useful.

The bread was and is the most important food on the table of Ukrainian people. The bread is present on the table of Ukrainian people at the moment of gladness and at the moment of sorrow, at weekdays and at holydays. Just with this food product the popular beliefs and the national traditions are associated. The respect to bread was brought up from childhood.

The Ukrainian people never throw out the bread. It is regarded as big sin. If the bread fell on the ground accidentally, it is accepted to pick up and kiss it. The Ukrainian hostesses treat with all responsibility the process of baking. People believe that the poor ceremonial bread can provoke the misfortune. The traditions of the baking of bread were passed on from mother to daughter. A special attention was paid to the tidiness of women and to the cleanness of hands.

A typical daily bread was baked from the rye flour and a wide variety of additives such as barley flour, buckwheat, peas, corns, pounded potatoes.

The question appears:”Why do they use exactly a rye bread but not a white bread?” One might think that there were problems with wheat on the territory of our country or it was so expensive. The answer is very simple – Ukrainian people liked more a rye bread. On the South of Ukraine people prefer a white bread.

Nowadays the country people continue to bake bread on the base of the ancient recipes. Only in the village the townsman can regale himself with a tasty and healthy food.

Our company maintains the national traditions and tries to popularize the healthy lifestyle. If the bread from shop can be compared with the bread baked by caring hands of hostess on the base of the ancient recipes?

Especially for our guests, we hold workshops on the baking of the home-cooked bread. You can try your forces in this not easy work and then enjoy in bread fresh from the oven. All food products, which are used, are the ecologically safe foodstuffs and GMO-free food. Besides, on our site the recipes of the home-cooked bread are published for women.

We are always glad for you!