Fancywork in Ukraine

We live in the age of the technological progress, when the machine does all work instead of people. The role of person in the industry reduces and the role of clever machines increases. At shop we can buy goods which are made by robots under the people’s observation. Machines know to sew, to knit, to embroider. But they can’t do any one thing – machines can’t put the soul into the work. We can buy two absolutely identical towels with the same patterns, but find two identical towels embroidered by careful and loving hands - it’s impossible. That’s why the handicraft was always valued in all countries of the world.

The first mentions about the embroidery are dated the XIV-XV centuries. The archaeologists found out the elements of the clothes of the ancients Scythian decorated by the golden embroidery. They started to depict the ritual symbols, special things and patterns, connected with the paganism.

After the introduction Christianity on the territory of Kyivska Rus it started to depict the important events using the embroidery. The disposition of the embroidery on the clothes was connected with the popular beliefs. The embroidery patterns were situated around the neck and sleeves.

In XVII century it started to depict flowers on the embroidery patterns. Kiev was the capital of this type of art. At that time the novices and the nuns of the local nunnery were the masters of this craft. With time this craft attracted the attention and was begun to mass-produce. In 1658 the first embroidery shop was opened in Lviv. A lot of monasteries started to learn the different techniques of embroidery. The landowners started to organize the workshops where the girls work. At that time the clothes, bed covers, tablecloths, hats, purses, towels were decorated by the embroidery. In XIX century the embroidery by beads became very popular on the territory of Ukraine.

It can’t imagine our country without the traditional Ukrainian folk embroidery. Mostly the floral patterns, the wayfaring tree and leaves were depicted on it. The pattern depends on the territory where the embroidered shirt (Vyshyvanka) produces. Nowadays this type of clothes is in fashion. The embroidered shirts of handicraft are highly valued all over the world.

The Ukrainian towels accompany the whole Ukrainian’s life from birth to death. It has a special place in each popular ceremony. We put the bread on the towels, the newlyweds stand on the towels. Every religious holiday is characterized by a special embroidery pattern. Ukraine is also very popular by its embroidered icons.

For a modern person free time is a very big luxury. This is the reason why the national crafts are not so popular in large cities. This work is very laborious and requires the attention and takes a lot of time. In the noise of city we can’t find the time to the creative realization. Can you realize your potential during the rest? In frost-free season our specialists will hold workshops in the open air, in winter you can embroider near the warm stove. You will learn the main techniques of this craft.

Except the incredible impressions of a pure rural air and of the beauty of the Ukrainian nature you’ll get a new interesting experience.