Petrikovsky painting in Ukraine

The name of this popular folk art came from the name of the village Petrekivka in the Dnipropetrovsk district. The traditions of painting are maintained carefully in the village Petrekivka. The national masters and their productions became famous all over the world.

The village was founded more than 230 years ago by Petro Kalnyshevskij. The inhabitants painted the walls of their houses by beautiful, floral paintings. The paintbrushes were made from cat’s fur, the colours were diluted by milk and eggs. There wasn’t any house in the village without the paintings on the wall. The hostesses organized competitions. The best masters were called “skilled workwomen”.

The traditions of painting were maintained and passed on the future generations. Within the years of Soviet government this type of art was forgotten. “Skilled workwomen” were gone with the whirlwind of the historical events. The tragedy of famine and the hardships of the second Ward War had a negative impact on this type of art, because the painting reflects a positive aspect of life. At the end of 40 of 20th century our country was re-establishing after four years of the destructive war. Just in this moment the necessity of the revival of the national painting appears. But there weren’t masters of this art.

In the post-war years a teacher Oleksandr Stateva organized a school, a national master Tetiana Pata taught there. The pupil of this school Fedir Panko organized a creative union “Petrekivka” which promoted to the popularization and the development of this handicraft.

The pupils of the school of Petrekivka’s painting worked on the whole territory of the country. They painted on the side of ships and on the walls. Gradually they started to paint trunks, sledges, wooden musical instruments. We wouldn’t be mistaken if we say that Petrekivka’s painting is in every Ukrainian’s house – small plates, vases, spoons, plates. The masters of Petrekivka’s painting added the polish to the colours. They used the oil colours, the gouache and the colours on the basis of eggs to paint the ornaments.

Flowers, leaves, berries are the principal elements in the ornament of the Petrekivska’s painting. They don’t draw a draft, that’s why this craft requires a high precision of movements. The bright colours dominate in the painting.

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