Estates in Garmaki village

Address: Vinnitsa region Garmaki village 43, Soborna street
GPS: Lat N 49° 6`12`` Long E 27° 33`26``
Phone numbers: (098) 079-31-99; (073) 033-82-82

The guest estate "Family Nest" in the picturesque village Garmaki, Barsky district is a great place for a good pastime with relatives and friends. In the estate, every guest can relax from the city's bustle and enjoy peace and quiet.

  • Guests for a comfortable stay are offered:
  • Luxury rooms decorated in a wooden style;
  • Junior suite in European style;
  • Ukrainian peasant hut, which are more than 100 years old.

Thanks to the inherent territory of the guest estate "Family Nest" in the Garmaki village, adults and children will be able to find an interesting lesson for themselves. You can make hiking and biking around the neighborhood, play football, volleyball, basketball, darts, shoot with bow, sit in gazebos, ride a horse, cook shish kebab on the grill.

Fans of relaxation will be able to steam in a real Steam bath on wood with brooms or in a Finnish sauna. In the evening, our guests can relax in the arbor after a cup of aromatic herbal tea. Our professional chefs will cook for you the best dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine, for which eco-friendly products are used.

We offer organization of corporate events, as well as a variety of master classes for cooking homemade bread, borsch and varenyky.

The advantages of rest in the guest estate "Family Nest" in the Garmaki village, Barsky district:

  • fresh air;
  • comfortable rooms;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • pool;
  • steam bath;
  • delicious cuisine;
  • arbors;
  • convenient places for cooking shish kebabs, fish soup, etc.
  • convenient car parking;
  • sports grounds;
  • transfer.