Village Gubnik

Address: Vinnytsia region, Gaysinskiy area, Gubnik village, 72 Naberezhnaja Street
GPS: Lat N 48°37`4`` Long E 29°18`53``
Phone numbers: (098) 079-31-99; (073) 033-82-82

The guest estate "Family Nest" in the Gubnik village is a great opportunity to escape from the city's bustle, work, and everyday worries. Fresh rural air, picturesque nature, delicious food, quality service all this will make your holiday full and unforgettable. Our recreation center is located near the Southern Bug River and the famous flooded quarry. The farmstead in the Gubnik village is designed for 20 guests.

For accommodation offer:

  • Comfortable deluxe rooms in European style (with all amenities and breakfasts);
  • Junior suites in Ukrainian traditional style (with all amenities and breakfasts);
  • Standard rooms - traditional huts-huts, made in the Ukrainian style.

On the territory of the estate there are various gazebos, children's and sports grounds. Vacationers have the opportunity to use car parking, swimming pool, gazebos, the Internet.

Each guest can go fishing, relax on the South Bug River and a quarry, play football, volleyball, basketball, steam in a bathhouse with brooms and tinctures, cook dishes on the fire and grill. We offer a variety of corporate events, master classes on cooking Ukrainian borsch, varenyky, home-made bread, as well as Petrykivka painting.

The chefs of the guest estate "Family Nest" will delight guests with delicious dishes of Ukrainian traditional cuisine. It is worth noting the specialties red borsch with greens in the bread, varenyky with potatoes and cracklings, cabbage and homemade bread. We offer only delicious and healthy food!