Green tourism from the network of estates Family Nest

Village Garmaki

Village Gubnik

Village Kanava

Green tourism is very much mainstream now. It is a quality and environmentally friendly option for those, who are interested in Ukrainian national culture.

Nature is an eternal source of power and energy and our duty is to preserve and to multiply it.

The network of estates “Family Nest” is the ultimate exclusive vacation lifestyle. It has emerged to reflect the spirit of the past and the present. Time passes through some traditions remain untouched and its rural areas that allow you to see the virgin nature and spectacular landscapes. It is rural areas that bring you hundred years back, to the time of your ancestors. And it’s all about culture, traditions, and history. The authenticity and Ukrainians original grandeur that makes you fall in love with these magnificent places.

The network of estates “Family Nest” is a spectacular recreation that offers plenty of guest rooms, including suites and sumptuous Ukrainian décor of traditional village cottages. This is truly an extraordinary leisure base that provides a wide range of services for its tourists.

Our bases are situated in three villages of Vinnitsa district:

  • Village Garmaki, Barskiy region
  • Village Gubnik, Gaysin region
  • Village Kanava, Tuvrov region

It is an incredible option for the vacation or for the weekend. We will make sure that you have everything necessary for the best pastime. It is captivating and truly unforgettable. A fusion of traditional and modern combined with pleasant service and comfortable suites. For those who are really interested in Ukrainian history, we recommended the original clay houses that are over 100 years old. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere and the interior design. Our hostesses will treat you with the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Ukrainian menu and the best national traditions.

Green tourism is a captivating adventure where time stops. Forget about your troubles and problems, challenge everything and reunite with nature in the most comfortable conditions.