12 rules of healthy feeding

Many things depend on the organization of our eating such as the growth and the colour of hair, the sexual activity but in particular our health. You should take care of your health from your youth, so that let’s give up the enervating diets, the uncontrolled gluttony and set out the new period of our life under the flag of healthy feeding.

Fruit and vegetables/ bread, potatoes, rice, spaghettis/ milk and diary products / food and drinks with high content of fats and sugar/ meat, fish, eggs, beans

Diet is not the right type of feeding!

You should understand it immediately. As opposed to the right system of feeding, all diets are temporary because the man can’t exist only on vegetables and water. Not only lose weight, but also fold up. The healthy feeding is necessary during the whole life! Say goodbye chills, diseases, bad skin, the excess weight and a long choice from the amount diets. The system of feeding, which is selected skillfully, can help to solve these problems.

Not every person can persuade himself to refuse to eat hot-dogs, hamburgers and rich food. Here there are also rules and prohibitions like during the diet. There are not so many rules and prohibitions, but you should restrain your gastronomical desires and adapt yourself to a certain dietary pattern. The first weeks are more difficult when each time at shop or at restaurant you should remind yourself about the new principles of the life and restrict yourself. Therefore, it’s such training of temper. It will be easier for the people that are fond of diets at this stage. But then some problems will start, because the organism hasn’t the habit of the self-restriction in eating for the long periods of time. By the way you can join your close person for the right dietary pattern.

It is important to say that for every person who suffers from the chronic diseases or is always ill, it is obligatory to visit a doctor composing the scheme feeding. Maybe, it will be necessary not only the right feeding, but also the clinical feeding. Nowadays you can find the information about it in many reference books of folk medicine but it’s better to do analyses at special clinics.


12 principles of healthy feeding

The frequency. It is one of the main rules of healthy feeding – the necessity of getting meals several times a day. It is desirable to get 3-5 meals a day by small portions at the same time. The variety. The feeding must be various but not so extravagant. Don’t try to eat spinach or cabbage by force. You couldn’t manage without any pangs. The amount of rich, piquant, spicy, fried food must be limited. The human body needs a large amount of mineral and organic substances for the normal functioning. They must be always present in your daily feeding.

The gradualness. It is difficult to reject the daily habits of eating at once. That’s why you should include in your daily ration the healthy food gradually. Buy or present your girlfriend (wife, mother or grandmother) with the steam cooker. It’ll save all useful substances, containing in foodstuffs and in that time protect you against fats.

The energy balance. People like hares from the well-known advertisement of batteries. Can’t finish or get to the joy of evening life without the supply of energy. Food must fulfill our energy loss and the system of feeding must take account of it.

Breakfast is obligatory. It must be full-fledge and various. It’s not sufficiently to have a cup of coffee with the bun with cheese. The best variant is to return to childhood with porridge and buckwheat cereal. It's to one's taste. If you have no time in the morning and there isn’t a person that can cook, you can eat an apple, a banana or a yogurt. It’s better to eat a soft-boiled egg or an omelette and in place of coffee, it’s better to drink a cup of green tee without sugar.

Eat according to the schedule. When you go to the work or the institute, you can take with you white bread, muesli, blend of dried fruit with nuts, an apple or cheese. It helps you to be in good humour till afternoon. The person that works at night shift can't refuse the food intake besides it is necessary to eat some sweets (glucose helps to the organism recover the stress and feed the sleeping nervous system).

Dilute your ration. Don’t forget about the soups at lunchtime or at suppertime. They contribute to the better digestion and don’t overcharge the stomach. It is necessary to reduce the amount of alcohol. Drink juice, tea or mineral water. You should forget about soda water like nightmare. Any soda water has a bad influence on the gastrointestinal tract.

Sweets don’t mean useful. The persons that like sweets shouldn’t abuse cakes, pastries with cream and a large amount of chocolate. The fresh cottage cheese with fruit or berries, marmalade, honey is very useful. Contrary to all rules it’s better to eat desserts before the essential food intake. It helps to reduce the appetite and run away from the overeating. Fruit which you have eaten after the heavy dinner or supper are digested so long and lose all useful substances. It’s better to eat an apple, an orange or a banana between the food intake or straight before the meal.

Don’t forget about genes. Choosing foodstuffs let’s try to delve deeply into the genealogy of your family. If your ancestries are from the north you can eat fish and meat, but you shouldn’t eat exotic fruit. Maybe, the genes don’t manage to get used to such food, however there's nothing to prevent you to perform a little experiment.

Fruit and vegetables are necessary. It is one of the foundations of the healthy feeding. They must be obligatory present in your ration. They contain so necessary dietary fibers and vitamins for your organism. The lack of fruit in your ration can be the reason of thirsty (when you drink more, the load on kidney and heart is higher). You shouldn’t eat only fruit and salads all days because it can provoke the stomach upset and other problems linked with the digestion, because of the lack of protein in vegetables.

Dose fats. Don’t refuse the food containing fats.

It is principal to follow the moderate eating. No need to drive yourself in superhuman efforts and be so irresponsible to your food intake. The beauty and the health are in your hands or rather on your plate. And what should you do with it and with which sauce dress it - you must choose.