Why should you lose weight?

The life of modern person both at home and at work is characterized by hypodinamia, the breach of bodily functions like locomotor system, blood circulation, breathing and digestion. The restriction on motor activity, the diminution of strength of muscle contraction are the main causes of formation of depot fat. The lack of physical activity is the main reason of the atrophy of muscles in your buttock, in your breast, in your back. Pay attention to pregnancy, it’s a serious test for woman figure. It’s so difficult to recover the shape without a system of physical exercises for weight loss.

Permanent complains about the figure and the appearance reduce the self-appraisal. It causes the lack of self-confidence. People with overweight feel shy to go to the swimming pool, to the beach, they try to avoid to go in for sports and then a low physical activity can become so hard for them.

Healthy lifestyle with a system of fitness programmes not only can help you to improve your figure and you’ll be sure of yourself. Regular fitness exercises for weight loss help you keep a slim figure and an excellent physical form for a long time. Let’s consider a system of physical exercises for weight loss like an interesting pastime, it helps you to be in a good mood and do a full system of physical exercises with pleasure.



In spite of flexibility the skin integument can keep its former size after the loss of many kilograms. Such process is typical for the pregnant women after the delivery. The optimal variant for you is to lose weight gradually, if you are going to lose overweight without problems like the droop of skin. No need to go to extremes and to go on a crash diet or to go under the knife. Choose more healthy and useful methods the loss of weight such as the rational nutrition and the regular trainings. It’s not the shortest way to lose weight but it gives your skin integument the time to adapt and to convert to a new body capacity and your skin will become elastic and young. Besides it is important to remember that slower and healthier methods to lose weight give a guaranty of a long-term result.

The muscular mass reduces with the loss of weight it can be another reason of the dropping of skin. Man loses muscle cells with a very fast loss of weight. Every crash diet causes such consequences. At that moment the human body without necessary nutrients and calories is forced to eat its own muscles. The dropping of skin is the result of the loss of muscle mass. You can avoid such problems with the help of regular trainings which keep the muscle tone.



Hydration is a necessary factor in order to maintain your skin smooth and elastic. It is very important to drink so much water every day because it is the assurance of the elasticity of skin integument. Don’t drink sweet liquid, energetic drinks and also drinks with lots of caffeine because they establish the mechanisms which put obstacles in the way of the epidermis’ feeding. If you don’t want to drink water so drink any herbal tea which is not only delicious, but also useful.

With the increase of years the flexibility of skin reduces that’s why if you want to lose weight without the dropping of skin don’t remove the loss of weight for later.

Eating unhealthy food and putting on weight don’t persuade yourself that you always could lose weight in a romp. Of course you can lose weight in any age but from year to year the skin will lose its flexibility. When you decide to go on a diet you’ll find that your cutaneous covering couldn’t adapt to this process. The health of skin depends on not only the dimensions of food, but on the ration of food. Not only vitamins and minerals are necessary for the health of our skin but also useful fats.


How much water should you drink:

It is generally regarded that man should drink eight glasses of water during the day. However remember the livelier is your lifestyle the more water you should drink. Schedule the consumption of water:

For four hours before the trainings you should drink about 350 grams of water then weighting. Pay attention to the colour of your urine, if it has got the colour of apple or darker tint you should drink 250-300 grams of water additionally for two hours before the trainings.

During the trainings you can drink till 400 grams of special drinks for sportsmen every hour or 100 grams of water every 15 minutes. You need to increase the amount of water if you work with high intensity or for a long time (more than hour). It is necessary to weight after the trainings. For every 500 grams which you lost you need to drink as much. Take notice you mustn’t exceed your original weight.

If you observe one of those sings of dehydration:

You have a nice opportunity to take notice of your urine. If in the morning it is dark yellow colour or you pass urine less than once for four hours, you suffer from dehydration. The man with the normal body fluids should pass urine once at night.

You should drink when you are thirsty. Don’t wait when your throat become dry.

If you lose weight you should raise the resources of water in your body.

When you’ll lose more than 1% of your body weight at the same time saving your previous dietary pattern during three days and more, you can suffer from dehydration.


Support during the loss of weight

All successful stories the loss of weight witness that the psychological support is very important in this period of time. Very often people have their daily habits: they constantly eat an unhealthy food when they are sad or suffer from a stress and it’s so difficult to overcome such habits. The relatives or a close person often give the support during the loss of weight at this difficult but so important period of time. There are 4 ways to support your relatives during the loss of weight.

Pay attention to positive changes! The compliment is the right way of support for your relatives and friends. When you take notice of the loss of weight, pay a compliment for this person. The diet is connected with a stress for many people. They suffer from a stress when the weight age is unchangeable (it can be linked with the raise of muscle mass).

That’s why your words will be so significant for the relatives and a close person. Your compliments confirm that they’ve achieved results. If you see that the person breaks the diet or decided to give up don’t pay attention to this and don’t make fun of her/him. The silence is the best support in this case. The troubled conscience is the cause of the interruption of diet; don’t add the feeling of guilt. It’s better to say that the person can start the diet tomorrow.

Do exercise together! Doing regular exercise of different kinds of sport and the health improvement programme (running, fitness, swimming) are the important part of the successful programme of the loss of weight. Very often people want to lose weight without doing exercise which they consider so difficult or so boring. When you’ve offered the person to do exercise together, you’ll do him/her a favour. Find the training which can be interesting for both and start to do exercise with your friend or close person. It doesn’t matter where you’ll do exercise at home, in the open air or at gym. At any case it’ll be an effective support for a person that is going to lose weight.

Listen attentively to a close person. The emotional food is the main reason of overweight.

Many people start to eat when they are sad, feel lonely, suffer from a stress and get angry. You can give a great support for your relatives simply listening to them when they are in a bad mood. Some people need to deal their problems. Give the emotional support. It is useful to offer them some joint activity because they can start to eat alone.

Role model! It is so difficult to restrain the appetite when the person is surrounded by delicious but forgotten dishes and foodstuffs.

If you really love the person that is going to lose weight and want to give him/her support, avoid to eat an unhealthy food with him/her. If you live together in your kitchen must be only the foodstuffs which you can it together. When you have a lunch with close person you should keep a diet, don’t order sausages and cakes, give preference to the low-calorie food such as vegetables and seafood.