Historical objects in Ukraine - Vinnitsa's region

For many people rest includes beach, silent, beautiful views from hotel’s room and comfort. Other group of people, except classical components of rest, prefers to get new impression, to visit some interesting places, to make photos.

Our experts take into account different tourist’s interests. For admires of active rest, silent and conciliation of Ukrainian villages, we propose interesting excursions.

During your trip you will be absorbed in the vortex of history, you’ll understand Ukrainian life way, culture and traditions of our hospitable country.

One of the most interesting places in Vinnitsa’s region is village Busha. Bloody battles with enemies were here in XVII century. But the most interesting and mysterious are rock paintings. Those paintings were discovered in 1883 by Ukrainian archaeologist Vladimir Antonovich. Scientists can’t say when they were made. They think, that rock paintings were made from I to IV century. On this relief is depicted a tree and a rooster on the one of its branches. You can see the praying person and a deer near the person. We can see the frame, where was a text. It has been readable few centuries ago. Scientists thing, this relief was made by ancient heathen tribes.

Hitler’s Headquarters “Werwolf” is situated in Strizhevka near Vinnitsa. It was built in 1942. Prisoners of war and Jews from the nearest villages worked there. After finishing of this work they were shot. There were 81 buildings – officer’ s houses, messes, sauna, swimming pool, phone station. “Werwolf” had few grounds and was reinforced. Hitler has been there three times during war. In 1944 Hitler’s Headquarters was imploded. Now you can see a lot of broken concrete fragments thrown in the large territory. Entrance to the “Werwolf” is blocked now.

Voronivitsya. The first record of Voronovitsya dated 1545 year. The Michael Archangel’s Church is the most interesting place in this town. It was built in 1793. In our time there is situated Mother’s of God Church. You can see the castle in Voronovitsya, which was built in 1760. It is known by the ancient Roman ornament. Ornament with flowers and bull’s head’s are situated under the cornice. National Museum of aviation and cosmonautic named in honour of Mozhaysky.

Shargorod.The first record of Shargorod (Kniazha Luka) dated 1393. The nasme of the town was changed on Shargorodok in 1585. In 1859 it changed its name on Shargorod. There is destroyed castle in the Shargorod, which was built in 1585. Few times Shargorod turned out in the center of wars. In this town were stayed Turkish, Polish, Ukrainian armies. Authority in these lands had been changed a lot of times and it had bad influence on the castle. In 1699 it was destroyed. We can see and visit castle’s ruins now. The big synagogue of stone has been a part of the defensive installations. It was built in 1589. After the Second World War in this building situated juice factory. This factory doesn’t work and this building is empty. But you can see some pieces of old decoration. Old Jewish cemetery is situated near the synagogue. St.Florian’s Shariy Roman Catholics church (XVIII), Nikolay’s Cathedral and St.Nikolay’s monastery attract tourists from over the world.

Vinnitsa. The first record of this town dated 1363. Old buildings in the Vinnitsa’s center, religious buildings and beautiful views attract tourist. Every Vinnitsa’s part keeps memory about historical events, national liberation movements, wars and revolutions. Jesuitical church was built in 1610. We can see some parts of building and walls. Dominican Monks started their mission in our town in 1621. They built own monastery next to Jesuitical church. In 1835 this monastery became a orthodox church. After communist’s accession to power this church was closed and this building was used as a hall of organ music. Since 1991 there has been situated Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Roman Catholic Franciscan monastery was built in 1744 in front of the Preobrajensky Cathedral. Estate-museum of great surgeon and anatomist Nikolay Pirogov, who invented an anesthesia, is situated in the village Pirogovo near Vinnitsa. His embalmed body lies in the glass sarcophagus near the small church. Pirogov’s burial vault is opened for visitors.

Uman. This small town became famous because of beautiful Sofievka arboretum, which was made for the rich Polish magnate Pototsky and his wife Sofia. This park was founded in 1796. It was made in the Greek style with sculptures of Greek Gods, Cretan labyrinth, underground river. Two watchtowers situated near the entering to the park. Paths of centurial trees lead us on the historical ways. It is impossible to describe all beautiful places of Sofia Park. Some sculptures were destroyed during the Second World War. There are about 2000 species of plants.

It is impossible to describe all beautiful and interesting places of our country. Ukraine can make tourists happy with our beautiful views, historical places situated in every town and village, hospitable and sincere people.

Our experts will help you to change interesting excursion tours. You need to visit our country, to see out beautiful nature and you will want to repeat your memorable feelings.